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Post Natal Chiro Care

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Posted by Stephanie on August 13th, 2014

Post Natal Chiro Care

The chiropractic adjustment, specifically the Webster prenatal technique, is meant to balance the pelvis and sacrum in order to create optimal space for the baby. This usually leads to proper positioning of the baby and reduces the risk of breech presentation. What does that really mean? Research has shown that the Webster protocol reduces labor time an average of 30% (yep, that's right mamas), reduces the discomfort associated with pregnancy and labor and creates a more peaceful uterine environment for the baby. Sounds too good to be true? I see it every day in my practice and it's so flippin cool!

I absolutely LOVE taking care of women throughout their pregnancies. I feel extremely privileged to work with mamas during their sacred time of growth and creation. I love the prenatal time so much that it's easy for me to forget to emphasize the need for postnatal care.

Having a baby is probably one of the most challenging and demanding things your body will endure. In our society we place so much emphasis on prenatal care that the importance of postnatal is often diminished. After the baby is born you're busier than ever and finding time to take care of yourself might be difficult.

I've noticed that once the babies are born the chiropractic visits tend to decrease. As much as I understand the increased responsibilities on the family with a newborn, I want to highlight the importance of continuing chiropractic care after the delivery. Your body just ran a marathon, followed by a triathlon, then another marathon, a cross-fit competition, ending with another marathon. And maybe another triathlon in there somewhere. It's the Olympic version of vaginal gymnastics. It's extremely important that your body gets the proper care for the recovery. The Webster chiropractic technique doesn't just help during pregnancy, it helps bring the body back to balance after birth.

To find a Webster certified chiro near you, or to find more chiropractic and wellness research articles, visit the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association website at

Chiropractically Yours,
Dr. Steph