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Posted by Stephanie on October 30th, 2014
When people find out that I'm a chiropractor, they usually ask a few typical questions before the biggie (insert dramatic sound effects here, buh buh buh) "do you take my insurance?" I must admit a small piece of me cringes inside when I hear this question. Not because the person is asking an inappropriate question, in fact, it's a perfectly reasonable question. I'd want to know too. I cringe because insurance companies don't really cover health care. They cover sick care. Chiropractic is all about prevention, health and life, not about sickness and pain. Think about this, if health insurance really covered health care, wouldn't they pay for our organic groceries, gym memberships, health coaches, personal trainers, massages, acupuncture, reiki, vitamins and supplements, the list goes on, and of course, chiropractic care? Ok, I admit this might be a little extreme, and some of these things are covered benefits on some plans, but it's often hindered by high co-pays and deductibles. For example, I had a new patient come in and ask us to verify his insurance benefits, which we happily do. He told us that he signed up for a plan that had chiropractic as a covered benefit. When we checked we were told by the insurance company that his deductible was $5,000 and he had 24 visits allowed per year at a rate of $41.50 with a co-pay of $40.  Let's think about this, I don't even charge $5,000 in one year, so we won't ever meet the deductible in time for the coverage to kick in. In addition to that, those 24 visits start as of day one, so we would have to charge and bill over $200 per visit (which isn't possible if they only allow $41.50 per visit) for those 24 visits to even reach $5,000! Then, to add insult to injury, the insurance company allows $41.50 to be billed and the patient has to pay $40 of that, leaving the insurance company responsible to pay a whopping $1.50 per visit, which in actuality will never be paid out due to the high deductible. So when he was told that chiropractic was a covered benefit on his health insurance plan, were they telling the truth? Yes. With very fine print. 

So what do we do about it? Well in my humble opinion, I much prefer to leave insurance companies alone and kindly ask they do the same for me. I set my fees to be reasonable and affordable without billing health insurance. In fact, my plans are usually more affordable than if someone were to use their insurance elsewhere.  In avoiding the billing I can save on overhead costs by not hiring a billing manager or third party. I can keep my fees affordable for patients when I'm not chasing down checks for $1.50.  The absolute best part is I get to focus on the person on the table in front of me and not look at them like a dollar sign (and definitely not a $1.50 dollar sign)! I can stay tuned into what they really need and not what their insurance dictates. To me, that's what integrity means. For more info on chiropractic plans and payment information fee free to contact me at

Chiropractically Yours,
Dr. Steph