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Join us for our vaccine workshop

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Posted by Stephanie on August 9th, 2017

Join us Saturday August 26th at 11:00 am for our Vaccine Workshop and How to Build Natural Immunity!

We will be discussing the current vaccine schedule and alternative options. If your child has or had a tongue tie you won't want to miss this important event to learn what to look for if you choose to vaccinate. 

Do you have questions about vaccines? Come join us to learn more about your rights and your options as we explore the current CDC vaccine schedule. 

Get your questions answered:
-Are vaccines safe for my child?
-Do I have to vaccinate my child?
-How do I identify an adverse vaccine reaction?
-What do I do if my child does have an adverse reaction?
-What's in a vaccine?
-What foods or nutritional supplements will help?
-Do I have to follow the current CDC schedule?
-How does a delayed schdule work?
-How many vaccines are my children getting?
-What do I do if I deceide not to continue to vaccinate?
-What are the implications of not vaccinating in CA.
ie school, day cares, etc?
-How can I boost my child's immune system naturally?
-What is homoepathic prophylaxis?
-Are there any alternatives to boost my child's immune system?

We invite all parents who have questions or concerns. This event is going to be shared with love and respect and your decisions will be honored. Our goal is to empower you to make the decisions that feel right to you!

Babies in arms welcome!

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