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Dr thank you once again for letting me shadow you yesterday, it was a wonderful experience! oh and thanks for that awesome adjustment my nephew and I are feeling so much better :)


I feel like I'm gliding after an adjustment!


Dr Stephanie Williams Pacific Beach Chiropracor Pediatric Chiropractic
Thank you Dr.Steph!! Here's 2 day old Baby Bridget's first adjustment. Xoxoxo we love you.

-Amy, Matt and Baby Bridget

Special thanks to Dr. Stephanie Williams today. She adjusted me before my yoga class and it was the first time ever that I did dancer's pose without losing my balance! Love you girl!!


Thank you for the awesome adjustment last week! I am seriously feeling so much better!!

-Jenna Y

Dr. Stephanie Williams is absolutely amazing with my daughter! Since seeing her my 4 year old has stopped having night terrors and hasn't had any spring allergy issues. Katy loves Dr. Steph! Not to mention making my pregnancy soo comfortable! She's pretty much our favorite person ;)Stephanie Williams Pacific Beach Pediatric Chiropractor for kids

-Jenny, Andy and Katie