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A Little Bit About Who we are

It’s called the “cafe of life” because, like a cafe, we strive to create an atmosphere where you can relax, take your time, connect with your peers and feel filled up with life.

Our doctors are award-winning and proud of the reputation that we’ve built. For us, it’s so much more than just providing a chiropractic service. It’s about really connecting with each individual during each visit, it’s about building community and bringing families closer together.

It takes a village, and we hope to be a part of yours.

About us Cafe Of life Chiropractic care San Diego

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We Stand By Our Beliefs

We have radical beliefs about health. We believe that you have an innate intelligence that controls and coordinates every single action in your body. That intelligence has the potential to bring profound healing and vitality to each and every person. There is an energy that stirs each of us to life. We are more than just the sum of our parts. And together we are more than just the sum of individuals. We have trust in the process of life and honor the beauty in the journey.

Our brain and nervous system are protected by our spine and when the spine is in alignment through chiropractic care our body can thrive. When we are connected we function better. When we are in alignment we are more connected to ourselves, we are more connected to others, we are more connected to our community, and more connected to the world.

We believe in taking care of families and providing affordable care because when families are balanced together it creates exponential healing and connection.

It's All About Our Approach And Technique

We offer individualized holistic care in a community setting.

Individualized Treatment

At the Cafe of Life we strive to create an excellent experience where we focus on what’s important to you. From low force, gentle techniques to more traditional chiropractic styles we aim to find the right adjustment for your age, comfort, and preferences. This allows us to care for multigenerational families.

Holistic Approach

We love working with individuals and families who are inspired to seek greater levels of health. We work with pregnant mothers and infants to help them through the transition from womb to world. Wherever you are in life, we would love to be a part of your journey.

We don’t dictate. We’re your teammate.

We don’t “sell” you. We make conscientious recommendations.


We combine our heart and deep passion for health with the “kaizen” philosophy of continual improvement.

Research & Education

All Cafe of Life docs are certified in Webster pregnancy technique by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. We all continually train in various techniques, but especially in pediatrics, cranial work, and oral work for lip/tongue ties.

We are always learning, researching, and staying on top of advancements in the profession in order to provide you with the best, most up-to-date evidence-based care.

Pregnancy Chiropractor Care Cafe of Life San Diego
About us Cafe of life Chiropratic Care San Diego
About us Cafe of Life San Diego Holistic Chiropractic Care

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We Focus On Our Goal

Our goals are YOUR goals. We know that your spine is the foundation of your health. Our goal is to restore and maintain your nervous system to proper function to allow your body to heal itself.

We believe that the greatest healer is within each of us, our job is to clear the interference in the body and all your innate intelligence to do its job.

We know that pain is a great motivator. But most people don’t come in for pain, they come in for what the pain is preventing you from doing in your life. Maybe you’ve had pain for 20 years, but now you can’t lift your grandchild, we want to give you that back.

We think bigger about your health. And we take it seriously. Because it’s freaking awesome when the body heals. Expect miracles.

No matter where you are in your health journey, we welcome the chance to serve you.
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Our Team

“Dr. Steph” Stephanie Libs

“Dr. Steph” Stephanie Libs

Chiropractor, CACCP

If chiropractic were a love language, it would be hers. She’s extremely passionate about chiropractic care for the whole family and has extensive training in pregnancy, fertility, postpartum, infants, and breastfeeding.

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"Dr. CC" Dr. Carliana Carpenter

"Dr. CC" Dr. Carliana Carpenter

DC, Senior Associate

She is Webster Certified, is a member of the ICPA, and is only a few steps away from completing her advanced certification in pediatrics, pregnancy, and family care.

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Shawna Brandon

Shawna Brandon

Licensed Massage Therapist

Her unique style combines deep work with movement mindfulness to bring long-lasting improvements to the body.

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Sophia Juarez

Sophia Juarez

Licensed Massage Therapist

She is passionate about providing well-rounded support for all stages of the childbearing cycle and the therapeutic effects of massage therapy with its profound benefits on the human body and spirit.

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