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Self Care after Birth Dr Stephanie Libs Blog - Cafe Of Life San Diego

A gentle reminder… be gentle to your body

A gentle reminder… far too often I take care of mothers who have pushed their bodies too much too soon. Most OBs will clear you for exercise at your six week check up, well guess what? The bar is low AF. That basically clears you that you won’t die. It does not necessarily mean your body is ready for activity, and sometimes is a very inappropriate and irresponsible recommendation.

Remember, your placenta was attached to your uterine wall and now that it’s detached it’s basically an open wound. Give. It. Time.

In addition, your body is still full of the hormone relaxin, which relaxes your joints. This is great for pushing a baby out but not so great for high impact right after delivery. Relaxin is present AT LEAST nine months post partum or four months after you’re done breastfeeding.

If you have diastasis recti (abdominal separation), prolapse, bulging, residual round ligament pain, etc these are signs your body probably isn’t ready and you’re vulnerable for further damage. (Hello, peeing your pants at age 50)

So please, be gentle to yourself. Partners, encourage slow movement. Some cultures don’t even get out of bed for *40 DAYS* after having a baby. If you need to move your body do it slowly, safely and gradually. More to come on how to move…