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IV Fluids in Labor and Newborn Weight Loss

In my practice I see so many new parents struggle with breastfeeding. Newborn weight loss is a common issue that commonly leads to unwanted or unintended use of formula. Something...

Birth and pregnancy practitioners in San Diego Dr Stephanie Libs Blog - Cafe Of Life San Diego

Our Favorites Practitioners in San Diego

We have some local practitioners that we absolutely LOVE and we want to share them with you! check them out! and tell them we sent you! Placenta Encapsulation/Acupuncture Dr. Brent...

Favorites Books Reading Resources Dr Stephanie Libs Blog - Cafe Of Life San Diego

Dr. Steph’s Favorite Books

I love books! Even more if they are about birth, parenting, natural health, breastfeeding, communication and personal growth. So as a book junkie Here are some of my top favorites...