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The Course on Breastfeeding

I’m here to guide you through this crazy, beautiful journey of motherhood and breastfeeding. I’ve paired my years of clinical experience and my own breastfeeding journey to bring you a holistic course to empower you with everything you need to know to nourish your babies.


Here are are few things you’ll gain from this course

  • Creating your plan
  • The Breast Crawl
  • Managing advice
  • Fun Facts about breastfeeding
  • Who to reach out to in case you need support
  • All about positioning
  • Weight gain
  • And so much more

Mama, if you’re also a chiropractor…

Check out our chiro course on Infant Adjusting and Breastfeeding Assessment

Pediatric Chiropractic Course

I am spilling all my secrets on how I became the go-to pediatric and prenatal chiropractic in my town. I will show you the exact methods and processes I follow that has well adjusted babies and mamas everywhere coming back and bringing friends!

Here are are few things you’ll gain from this course

  • Learn how to see more babies with confidence
  • Simple techniques that make a profound difference
  • Add clinical skills that you can easily implement
  • Communicate the importance of chiropractic to families and other providers
  • See real-life infants get checked!
  • And so much more!