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Dr. Sydney is a La Jolla native who has a passion for teaching people how to optimize their health!

Experience & Passion

Dr. Sydney is the 9th Chiropractor in her family and knew she wanted to pursue Chiropractic from a very early age. As a child, she grew up in her parent's Chiropractic office (that was here in San Diego for 32 years) and would go with them on service trips to help, even if by just laying face paper down or putting her loving hands on them. Out of high school, Dr. Sydney received a volleyball scholarship which took her to Montana, before attending Chiropractic school in the Bay Area.. and eventually back down to San Diego!

Professional Achievements

Dr. Sydney has always known one of her true purposes was to support growing families both prenatal and postnatal. She strongly believes mothers need just as much if not more support after birth (during the 4th trimester) as they do leading up to it. She had a non-profit which took her on regular trips south of the border to adjust those who couldn’t afford care in Tijuana. She also attended a service trip to India where she cared for families and babies who had never had any type of access to healthcare.

Dr. Sydney is passionate about body movement, both daily activities, and postnatal movement patterns. Not only does she love to exercise, but she loves to teach what patients can do to maintain a healthy body & spine. She has an array of techniques she uses from manual adjustments to gentle, light force techniques. She deeply cares about using an all-encompassing approach to health addressing physical, emotional & mental involvement!


 Graduate Diploma in Chiropractic Care

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Personal Life

You can catch Dr. Sydney at the beach if the sun is out, and she is a sucker for a good sunset. She loves the energy of a big concert, some live music, and any type of dance floor. Her partner Evan, who is from Australia owns fitness studios around San Diego, together they are most likely exercising in the sun or putting on community wellness events on weekends, as well as traveling and exploring new places any chance they get!

More than anything Dr. Sydney is a firm believer life is meant to be enjoyed and one of the best ways to do that is by taking care of your health now. She encourages everyone to take a step toward health however big or small that step may be!