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Dr. Steph’s Favorite Books

I love books! Even more if they are about birth, parenting, natural health, breastfeeding, communication and personal growth. So as a book junkie Here are some of my top favorites and links to each!


Attachment Parenting – I love this book because it covers the top 7 topics in attachment parenting (birth bonding, breastfeeding, baby wearing, bedding close to baby, belief in baby’s cry and sounds, beware of baby trainers and balance) and gives a great overview on the benefits of each.

Womanly Art of Breastfeeding – This is such a great book, not only does it help prepare for for breastfeeding but there is an overarching theme throughout the entire book about birth and parenting. The authors maintain a philosophy that honors and celebrates the natural processes of the body.

Fifth Vital Sign – OK. I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. This has become one of my all time favorites. It’s an easy read, yet it takes a deep dive into the female menstrual cycle. By reading this you will earn your body so well, know what to do to fix your cycle and empower your divine feminine self along the way.

The Big Letdown – I’m so impressed with this author and her ability to gather so much historical data about how medicine, big government, and even the feminists movement have undermined breastfeeding and how these interests have a broader connection to an industrialized food system.

No-Drama Discipline – This book provides so many tools that are easy to put to use right away. It’s full of examples, graphics and illustrations of how to turn discipline into learning opportunities with a gentle, brain-focused compassionate connection.

The Conscious Parent – Anything written by Dr. Shefali Tsabary is worth reading! She’s brilliant and a beautiful author. This books brings to light a conscious approach to parenting and helps to heal us, the parent, since children are mirrors of our ego.

The Awakened Family – Again Dr. Shefali Tsabary writes a beautiful book for the whole family to become more present and connected. Her conscious approach to parenting in this book is enriched by personal stories of her own journey through parenthood and her clinical psychology practice.

You Are a Badass – I love this book for a good laugh while also empowering myself as a business owner and a mama. While it’s not parenting specific, the concepts in it are great for boosting confidence, and can’t we all use a little bit of that? The author is really funny, I even found myself busting out LOLing a ton!

Hypnobirthing – This book is essential to all birthing couples. I love that it changes the philosophy and language surrounding pregnancy and birth to a set of terms that is more loving, honoring and empowering to both parents and baby. Again it’s an easy read and it’s so good! I also highly recommend the class, if you’re in San Diego check out a list of available dates through San Diego Hypnobirthing.

The Fourth Trimester – Kimberly Ann Johnson wrote this one and I love it because she offers a really thorough holistic guide to the delicate period after having a baby. With all the attention and appointments we receive during the prenatal period, there can be a lack of support during the post partum period. This is a really well-rounded guide to healing on all levels, physical, spiritual, emotional, relational.

Woman Code – All ladies need to read this book. Especially if your cycle is anywhere near abnormal or if you have PCOS. It’ easily explains our physiology and is full of everything you need to know to optimize your cycle, (wether you’re trying to get pregnant, or trying to avoid getting pregnant) how to super charge your sex drive and become a power source.

Well Adjusted Babies – This is the ultimate holistic guide for pregnant and new parents. It reads like a textbook so you don’t have to read it cover to cover, you can flip to a section and read up on a specific topic as needed. The author is a chiropractor and also a mother to four children and one angel baby. She’s a brilliant author and speaker. This book is a bit pricey but it’s worth every penny. I still read it and reference it often.

It Starts With the Egg – Another excellent book for optimizing your cycle and fertility! It’s all about the science and the practical tips to improve egg quality to get pregnant naturally, prevent miscarriage, and improve your odds with IFV. I learned so so much science in this book that has helped me take care of more families.

Spiritual Midwifery – I love anything written by Ina May Gaskin, in my opinion, she is the mother of midwifery as we know it. I love this book because the first two-thirds or so are all 1-3 page positive birth stories that are really beautiful. It’s very uplifting and was so lovely to read so much positivity during my pregnancies.

Our Babies Ourselves – This book is amazing if you’re really into anthropology, culture, and biology and how it shapes our parenting. It explores options to reconsider the traditional styles of parenting based on science and common sense.

Sacred Pregnancy – This book is really more of a guided journal for pregnancy and is full of prompts to emotionally and physically prepare for the transition to motherhood. It’s full of beautiful photos and is separated into 40 bite-sized chapters to mirror your 40-week journey. It’s an easy read and really inspiring!

How to End the Autism Epidemic- 

Baby Led Weaning – This my favorite method for feeding littles! I followed this feeding style and my kiddos are very adventurous and healthy eaters even now as toddlers. It allows babies to feed themselves, skipping the labor-intensive, puree-spoon-feeding mush, and dives right into exploring textures, flavors, and hand-eye abilities all while being autonomous and developmentally appropriate.

Transformed by Birth

Wild Feminine

Spirit babies

Labor Like A Goddess