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Supplements & Protocols

Chiropractic Care and Supplements go hands in hands.

Dr. Steph put together a list of her FAVORITE tried and true products that she commonly recommends to our patients and families.

How to Navigate the Store?

Cafe Of Life uses an online store called Fullscript where you can order our recommended supplements to be shipped directly to your home.

Step 1: Create a Fullscript Account by clicking the "Shop Now" button.
Step 2: Browse our Protocols and find the right supplements for you. You can buy the entire protocol and pick just a few.
Step 3: Need to refill your supplements? You can find your refill option under "Recommendation" in the Fullscript account after you login

Supplements Protocol for Children cafe of life San Diego Page

Kids Protocol

All the supplements you need to take care of your kids all year long.

Prenatal supplements protocol Cafe of life San Diego

Prenatal Protocol

All the supplements you need to support you and your growing baby.

Immune supplements for the entire family cafe of life San Diego

Immune Basics

All the supplements you need to support the Immune system for the entire family.