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If you’re pregnant or recently had a baby, then this video is for you!

Let’s face it, even the thought of breastfeeding can be overwhelming. We prepare so much for birth but not as much for breastfeeding.

In this video, I’m going to share with you the most important bullet points to create a successful, and joyful breastfeeding relationship.

We are going to cover everything from those first few skin-to-skin moments after the baby is born.

We will be discussing things from a biological, natural, holistic, perspective.

In This Video, Dr. Steph will review:

-Skin to skin
-The breast crawl
-Positioning basics
-Latching tips
-What happens if the latch is painful
-How often should baby feed
-A few super amazing things about breasts
-Personal stories through her breastfeeding journeys
-And of course, a little encouragement

Disclaimer: While I’m a doctor and lactation consultant, I might not be *your* doctor or lactation consultant. So be sure to consult with your lactation consultant, chiropractor, midwife, doctor, or trusted health care provider for the care that is customized for you.