Breastmilk Storage Guidelines

Milk Storage:

  • Room Temperature 4-6 hours

  • Cooler with frozen ice packs 24 hours (39^F)

  • Refrigerator 4-8 days and keep at the back of the fridge

  • Freezer up to 3 months

  • Deep Freezer up to 12 months (-4^F)


  • Label the bag with date and time

  • Try to match the age of milk and time of the day that the milk was pumped as closely to the baby's age and time of the day in order to optimize benefits of properties of the milk


  • Store in approximate feeding-size quantities

  • Freshly pumped milk may be stored in fridge or freezer if not used in 4-6 hours


  • Use thawed milk within 24 hours

  • Do not refreeze after milk has been thawed

  • Swirl gently to mix creamy portions 

  • Do not microwave


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2) Lactation Education Resources

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